Saturday, May 5, 2012

Our Family!

I wanted you share things that have impressed me about each one of my family members~

Dad- His simple love- It is not at all hard to be loved by Dad. He lets people feel how loved they are through so many different ways. Example- Our car was destroyed basically and Monkey and I were having a heart attack about how we were going to pay 2000$ to fix our car on top of paying all of Cash's medical bills. The car guy called us after me sobbing forever and said your car is ready and it's already paid for! I can not express the feeling that filled my body when I automatically knew it was Dad. When I saw him I had no words I just wanted to hold on to him forever. That man is the most loving man I know. He cares about us so deeply. I love watching Dad cry back when we would open gifts on Christmas morning.... You can feel his love through his tears knowing how happy he made us. He has always been like that... He would do anything for me or anyone at a drop of a hat. He is SELFLESS... He never thinks of himself. That is so admirable.

Mom- Her strong beautiful soul. I know that is a weird way to put it but Mom has a special gift. The ability to almost be perfect. She has faith that can move mountains. She gives her all to everyone. She also has the ability to share every emotion with people and know how to comfort. Example- During my hard time with Cash I felt like Mom was with me every step of the way. She cried with me, prayed with me, got angry with me, and I felt like I had someone to feel everything I did. Mom is beautiful in every way there is.  Her way of talking is my favorite, she always is concerned how we are doing and I love her laugh. Just hearing her voice makes me smile. Sometimes I look at Mom and wonder if there is anyone better out there... The answer is always the same... I don't think so!

Jenn- Her friendship. Jenn knows what it means to be a true friend. She is someone anyone can come to and trust with the lives. She is someone that can make you happy when all you want to do is cry. If Jenn isn't there people notice. Jenn has a presence about her that makes people love her, makes people laugh, makes people just want to be around her. Jenn I feel has a light that always is present... even in her laundry moments!! She makes things exciting. I love to just watch Jenn- I always end up laughing. her ability of making people feel special- She invited me when Lino was out of town in  High School to come over and have a sister sleep over. I got pizza sauce all over her sheets and I still don't think she knows. ha! We watched a movie and  we just talked. 16 years apart and she made me feel like I was just one of her closest friends. 

Garrett- His soft side. He may not like knowing but he is very loving in his own ways. His little ways of letting you know he cares. Example- In college I was really down and Garrett out of the blue called me just to chat, He just let me talk and I felt so good after our phone call. April Fools  right after Cash was born I told him I was pregnant and I was freaking out. Of course it was all over texting so I asked if I could call him to talk about what I should do and he dropped everything and called me immediately, even though he was in Utah or Lake Powell or something. Of course he was very upset when he found out that it was a trick, but it impressed me of his willingness to talk if I needed him. He calls me Coomers I have no idea why but he does, but for some reason it makes me feel special. He always laughs and if you watch him closely throughout a dinner or something he has talked to each person (quick or long) but he always checks to she how everyone is doing. He is busy... But never too busy! I love that.

Tanna- Her unfailing love she has for every soul in this world. Her generosity and her willingness to give her everything to everyone! I can not remember a time where Tanna thought about herself first. I remember when Tanna was sick and we shared a room. I NOT ONCE HEARD HER COMPLAIN of what was going on. Even though she must have been so scared she put humor in the situation so I wouldn't be. She is a complete blast to be around. If you are not smiling you soon will be if she is around. She has a special gift of being a listener! So many times I would come to her to cry, complain, vent, etc and I never once felt like I was being a burden. She makes you feel like you are the only one important. I am so grateful for her.

Natalie- Her forgiveness and attitude. She is the most forgiving, understanding, never give up girl that I know. I could never be as good as she is. She knows whats up and she will never give up. That is how she has been as long as I have known her. She never quits! If she gets hit it's almost like she doesn't fall. Natalie has so much about her that is so much like the Savior. I just watch her and stare in awe! I have so much to learn from her. I honestly don't know how a person can be that positive... Through everything she is saying uplifting happy things and then asks how I am doing and is concerned about me?!? What in the world!?! She has the best energy- She makes people want to get up and dance or get up and smile or whatever... Her constant bright personality is out of the world incredible.

Mike-  His ability to reach out to anyone. It doesn't matter how a person is Mike takes you under his wing. His ability to protect and care for others is incredible. A friend of mine that no one really likes thinks of Mike as a father figure and I didn't even know Mike knew him. But he saved my friend from some bad things. He invites anyone who may not have a place to eat to his home or anything like that Mike will be the first to step up and get people taken care of. Like for my wedding Mike lied and said he knew the owner of the tuxedo place and said he would get a good deal and he LIED he didn't know him from Adam he just paid for all the tuxedos. Then one Christmas he gave me 100$ just because. I think I could die of embarrassment from all the help he has given me, but he also has taught me not to be prideful from things he has shared with me. What a guy!

Luke- His never complaining confidence.... This boy as long as I have lived has loved and felt so blessed for his scares. He loves himself and knows who he is. All I ever hear from Luke is how Heavenly Father has blessed him. When times are hard and Luke is down... He always seems to get through it and thanks his Father in Heaven for his blessing. His thankful heart! He gives thanks for everything... His no fear personality- He will talk to anyone about the gospel and does not care what they think because he knows it's true. Luke blows me away at his "no question about it" faith! He is instant friends with everyone it blows my mind- EVERYBODY knows and loves Luke! He is so open and so willing to accept! He makes people feel like they are so important and I admire that so much.

Jaclyn-  Her devotion as a friend and sister. Jaclyn as long as I can remember has wanted me around. In high school she would beg me to come hang out with her and her friends. What older sister does that in High School? She never let anyone treat me bad. When someone made fun of my goal she would be the first to stand up for me or the first to turn off the movie. Yes we would fight- but I never had a friend like her. She always thought I was so pretty and told me when I thought I was ugly. She always told me I was smart when I felt like I would never get grades like hers. She was always there to talk even when she was mad at me. She always made me feel like I was cool and I always felt like she was showing me off! I wish I would have realized this back then. A lot of things would have been so different. We are always the first to fight but she is ALWAYS the first to forgive. I have noticed that Jaclyn is so willing to help.... not only willing but she ACTS! She does things for people without being asked. She gets the needs of everyone taken care of. Every time I am around her I learn something new and incredible about her. 

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