Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Flecks of Gold

After watching this I felt like I needed to say DON'T GET DISCOURAGED! I am not sure why... Maybe it's something I need to learn or maybe it's just something we all need to hear. Sometimes I find that people and mostly me are just looking for the "big nuggets" like a problem to be solved now, relief from sadness or pain now, questions that I want answered now, like... why did that happen? or what was the purpose of that?, Or the feelings of frustration that I need to have fixed now. Life I have found are many disappointments and sadness. Like the death of someone, no money, having your heart set on something to have it ruined, to give your all and have it thrown back in your face, or to think you may have helped someone to have them turn around and do something that felt like you didn't even help them at all. But life also has it's FLECKS OF GOLD! We all are waiting for the big nuggets... when there are so many little flecks all around us.... (if that makes sense). I feel like Heavenly Father gave us these flecks to help us grow and remember he is ever near and our feelings or questions will be answered in time. I feel like when disappointment sets in and we wonder why or feel at a loss that's the time to pull out the flecks we have collected over the years. Like our testimonies, little or big miracles, the scriptures, words of our prophets, the piercing feelings that we have felt from the Spirit, friends that will never give up on us no matter our mistakes, prayers to our Father in Heaven who loves us even if we fall away, The Savior who died for us so we can make things right...etc. When discouraged that is when we continue, walk on, or to just be a good example and still love and care instead of give up. Because from all these "flecks" comes much "wealth" or much needed "strength" in my eyes! Hard times do come (as you both well know)... and I have felt and seen it lately through so many people... So as cheesy as it sounds we have to recognize the precious truths that are scattered all around us ready to renew strength or just left us up when when we are down...

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