Monday, May 14, 2012

I love you more each year!!


It doesn't matter what we do...
Go out or take a walk.
It doesn't matter if we're quiet
Or sit around and talk.

I know that I neglect to say
The things you'd like to hear...
That's why I chose this birthday wish
To make my feelings clear.

You are my life, 'mid calm or strife,
You are "the man"--- you see.
My days are spent in warm content
When you are close to me.

As we grow older each new day,
Our life just gets more dear...
You're just "my big", (believe you me)
I love you more each year!


I found this poem on your computer and I fell in love with it! I really have been thinking about marriage and how grateful I am for both of your examples. Yes you both fight... hahah running away to the gas station Mom and having me pick you up! And Dad frantically searching for you until he found you in the basement! Hahah but I have seen my whole life your marriage and I knew thats what I wanted! I love how I can see the love you have for one another and how it really does grows more and more! I loved this poem because I knew what Mom wrote was true and she really meant it! and I love reading, hearing, accidentally finding a poem, etc that shares how much you love each other... despite the hard times. I love you both and I am grateful for you unfailing love for each other. Watching this little video reminded me of you both... You both always show "how"  you love each other (flowers all the time, notes, laughter, teasing, signs, dates, temple nights...etc.)... and how you both show such Christlike love...

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