Saturday, May 19, 2012

By small and simple


The Lens

    So a couple winters ago Mom and some of the grandkids went sledding and Ammon went down the hill and bit it!!! His glasses went flying off his sled and popped one of his lenes right off. Everyone looked forever and they could not find the lens. So they all gave up and Jenn went home not too happy thinking about how expensive it was going to be to buy another lens.

     I know Mom you are fully aware of what happens next with this story... but I don't think you know my side yet. So after a while I went over to Scotty's house and I get a phone call.... It was Mom and she said she had been praying that there could be a miracle and somehow she could find the lens. She asked me to come home and help her look, because she knew she would be able to find it with the Lords help. To my shame I started laughing and said, "Mom there is no way on earth you are going to find that lens in the snow... I know you prayed but sometimes Heavenly Father doesn't answer prayers the way we want!" Mom got a bit upset and said, "Well we will see about that."
    About 30 minutes later I was feeling pretty awful for not helping Mom and I get another phone call... It was Mom! This is what she said, "Mamie I went to the hill and started to look and I put my hand down and there was Ammon's lens....................."
     I almost passed out... I was shocked. I felt like the most faithless stupid person on earth. Mom taught me something incredible that day... She didn't rub it in my face that she found it, she just simply said, "It's incredible how Heavenly Father even cares about something as small as a lens." I felt the spirit so strong! I gained a stronger testimony that day. I know with all my heart that "with the Lord nothing is impossible" and by small things like saying a prayer and finding a lens GREAT things come to pass!!! I will always remember how I felt from this little miracle!

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