Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Just a moment

Yesterday at Cash's doctors appointment I had a really cool experience. Cash had to get 3 shots. As he was getting his shots he didn't cry but he was getting really nervous. He started to make painful sounds. I was holding him close and Belle was standing right by him... As Cash started to panic Belle started singing "Baby Mine" from Dumbo. She had tears in her eyes and she just kept singing "Baby mine don't you cry, Baby mine dry your eyes..." She sang this over and over and I could tell she just wanted to take Cash far away where no one could touch him.

As I held little cash and could feel how terrified he was and then seeing little Belle trying to protect her little brother... I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed with gratitude for the love they have for each other. It was the most precious moment I have yet to see as a mother. Motherhood as you both know has not been a piece of cake for me! I have had my fair share of struggles with patience and feeling at the end of my rope a lot! But seeing what I saw today gave me an extra boost of "something is going right"!

My sweet crazy Belle made me realize that a lot of stuff I get mad over does not matter. Yes I am exhausted and feeling at a loss of what to do with them at times, but I know that all that matters is LOVE and that we have each other... exhausted or not! Yelling or biting! Pulling hair or slapping mom/dad's faces.... it won't last.... but how we feel about each other will.

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