Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I love to see the temple

Last night our little family went to the Portland temple(I didn't know which picture to give you from last night so I put them all). I have always loved going to see the temple but it means so much more to me now having my own children go and see it's beauty and feel the spirit that surrounds it. I can't quite describe the feelings I have for temples. I get a bit emotional thinking of all the memories and feelings I have had in this holy house. I can remember doing baptisms for Nana and Papa and how I could feel that they were in that very room with us. I can remember when I went through myself how my heart burned and I felt overwhelming peace knowing what I was doing was so right, I remember looking across the alter at Monkey and never feeling such joy, I remember doing work for a women I didn't even know and it was almost like she was there with her arms around me, I remember being so scared about what was going to happen to Cash and sitting in the temple and finally feeling like all will be well... I finally received some strength. There are so many times I could tell you... But the one thing I have learned from a tiny girl and will remember as long as I live is.... We will be together forever! Heavenly Father must love us so much to give us such a life saving beautiful gift! I love you both so much. 


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