Friday, June 1, 2012

A new beginning

As you listen to this song I want you to look at the picture I took of a fresh new leaf popping out for the first time of Spring...

Listening to this song called Baptism I thought how incredible it is that through baptism we can become fresh and clean... "new" just like this perfect little leaf. I also thought of the Atonement of Christ... we all make mistakes... some big and some small but non the less we need to become clean again... and also like this new leaf every Spring it comes out just as beautiful and just as clean.. So can we through the incredible love that our Savior had and has for each of us imperfect people! We just have to have the courage to do it! I am so grateful that each week I can start over by taking the sacrament and I can try again. I am so grateful that you are both serving and helping people understand the importance of becoming clean and new through baptism! What a blessing you will be giving all those you serve. I love you so much!


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