Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mercies in Disguise

So I was driving to the hospital on yesterday... And I was pretty certain I was going to finally... for real be going into labor... As I was driving heart racing with desperation this song came on the radio...

I sat there bawling as I listened. I thought this is my answer.... I finally have waited long enough. As I was walking in the hospital trying and praying my heart out to progress I felt like Heavenly Father was finally going to answer my prayers and help me not have to endure this anymore... and I got sent home. What is going on? I didn't feel frustrated I felt seriously heart broken. I was so sad... Which may seem so childish. .... I came home and tried my hardest to just take my mind away from what happened. Later that night I looked I listened to this song again and I felt very different than when in the car. I felt like I could do this... again... Heavenly Father may not take away our pain, sadness, heart aches... it may take thousands of sleepless nights, hundreds of tears, but I believe I am going to learn something so important through this hard time... maybe in years to come, but I willl understand one day. As the song says our trials are his mercies in disguise. I never thought of them in that way.  I am grateful I heard this today... It is one of the hundred things my Heavenly Father has given me through this hard time to let me know he is still here. I love you both!


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