Thursday, June 7, 2012

Opportunities to Do Good

It doesn't matter what color, who you are, what race, what people look like, what religion, or if we know them or not... there is always someone out there that needs help or something we can offer... I am so grateful I saw this today it opened my eyes more. I loved this video, I love that there are people in this world like the ones in the video. It gives a glimpse of how Christ is! Today I have a challenge if you have time... Through this next week find someone you don't know or just someone out of the ordinary and try to find a way to help or write a letter to someone not in the family but someone you feel could use a letter to help encourage them, lift them, just make there day or something like this.I would love to hear about what you did or who you wrote if you decide to do it! I love you both.

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